Rolling Thunder (EP)

by Anti-Hero

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dash8dr Ass kicking Thrash. Favorite track: Rocketfire.
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released April 22, 2019




Anti-Hero Los Angeles, California

Anti-Hero is a Thrash Metal band that mutated into existence in 2015 in Hollywood, CA formed by 4 like-minded LA transplants brought together by their love for metal, and attracted to the filth of Sunset Blvd. With a knack for relentless high-energy live shows, searing tempos, and ear piercing lead guitar, you'll remember the gig forever whether you want to or not!! ... more

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Track Name: Rolling Thunder
search for the radio but we're dead in the swamp
the call broken arrow I'd rather burn than rot
caught in an ambush we never saw it coming
lost in the fire fight this is the end

death in the morning
rolling thunder
burning fuel tanks
pull me under
dropping payload
rolling thunder
debt that they're owed
it's a slaughter

stranded in nowhere with nowhere to go
but it's not over not until my payload blows
they gave us hell and we'll give 'em what for
take them with you they'd do the same
Track Name: Sacrificial Goat
horns gnarled atop your head
fulfill the purpose for which you've been bred
hooves cloven adorn your feet
your flesh torn into unholy meat
for the damned you must be dead
better you than better me instead
for you there has been watchful eye
it make it easy 'cause my truth is your lie

be sentenced by truth or be sentenced by liar
either deal yields trial by fire
and in all honesty
it was never your fault to be
never the less bear my shame
'cause to the mob it's all the same
for your sins it's silence you must keep
forced to your knees at dusk
for altars reap

no last rites
no seeing the light this time
you've stood out I've culled you now
to be the bearer of my shame
you lived your life for me
was that so hard to see
now die for the same
Track Name: Get The Lead Out
fleeing wheels screech armed and in pursuit
our deaths will surely end their mission
dents and broken glass fractured fingers gripping tight
the curse in dormant in remission
backseat and bleeding out overshot and spinning out
their headlights busted to the bumper
can't return what we stole we'll pay the price atone
our ashes soon to smolder

fight for your life
fight till it's end
fight till death then die in led
blood on the blade
the blade in your hand
sacrificed snuffed life command

stunned senseless stammering mind altered
white-knuckle the pain of this ancient
we're not going back to that place we have nightmares about
deaths spelt in our stars come death here we are and get the lead out

bloody knuckles broken jaws decimation wake
tooth and nail steel resilience
hear the devils laugh bite your tongue in half
to speak no evil with persistence
cowards be us shamed caught lucky to be maimed
this steel cage becomes our coffin
chromed in the fire of a nitro funeral pyre
soaked in blood, gasoline, and urine

chromed casket overturned tattered battered corpses burned
rubber spits guts and clay
engines heave and hiss end my life in bullets
rusted heap untimely grave
motors drone their battle-cry off their masters soon to die
but not before they suffer first
with flare in hand and gas at hip
this rig will be their hearse
Track Name: Rocketfire
join us in the circle to heal is to burn
away all the excess the marked that bring malice
follow the candles upon the altar
show us the butchers of black mass their warpath

(pre chorus)
what's done is done is done the path prime evil's on
too late too late to snuff this spark
we lit the fire but you dug your graves
your futures look bright this world burns till we say stop

illuminated by hellish breath
of the dragon the serpent the wyrm of the arcane
brighter than the sudden sun at night
all fades into white light this moon spell

(pre chorus)

no, can't escape
crushed, in the shockwave
daggers fall to those who bear my ire
melt the world light up the sky in rocketfire

a wicked end for a wicked world
none back down surrender the black arts defender
lady justice decapitated
by black winged martyrs bereft of all honor

(pre chorus)


join us in the circle the now
the once non-believers convert to non-breathers
the warhead hammer final judgment
brought down by my hand you'll kneel not stand

(pre chorus)


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